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Well that came as a surprise: Russia's city Sochi became an abandoned ghost town just a few weeks after the Olympics 2014. A nice addition to the list of other abandoned Olympic areas in the world.


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Without a medical marijuana dispensary in Laguna Woods, residents either join or form collectives. One is Laguna Woods Medical Cannabis. Lonnie Painter, right, runs Laguna Woods Medical Cannabis, where Peggiann Johnson, left, buys her pot. "Ah, smells so good," Johnson says as he opens a jar. A small suitcase holds eight jars, each filled with a different strain of medical marijuana, at Laguna Woods Medical Cannabis. On the porch of his Laguna Woods home, Robert Evans, 52, who has cancer, smokes a medical marijuana cigarette. When he uses pot, he vomits less frequently.


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The world's only surviving panda triplets have been reunited with their mother after their birth at the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangdong province. It marks the first complete family reunion following the birth of the triplets on July 29.


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Nearly two years ago, a reclusive 70-something-year-old named Janet Schwartz was devastated when the law threatened to separate her from her domesticated deer, Bimbo. Conservation officers arrived at her generator-powered plywood shack, plopped miles away from a remote Canadian tourist town called Ucluelet, with orders to take the then ten-year-old deer into their custody. Janet was told she wasn’t allowed to keep her deer anymore because in this part of Canada, it is illegal to keep wild animals as pets. After weeks of stress and fear, Janet reached out to a few media outlets and told her story. She had rescued the deer when it was only a day old, after her neighbors found it lying in the grass near its mother’s dead body. She named the deer Bimbo after a Gene Autry song (“Bimbo Bimbo where you gonna go-e-o”). Janet had raised a buck years before, so her neighbors knew she could provide a suitable home for the fawn. Janet raised Bimbo on goat’s milk and fruits, allowing her to sleep at her bedside every night for the first two years, until she was strong enough to be tethered to a hut on the property.


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Every year, in northeast China's Heilongjiang province, the city of Harbin hosts the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, featuring massive ice and snow sculptures. At night, the sculptures are colorfully illuminated and visitors can climb and play on some of the structures. The festival officially opened on January 5 this year, and will run through the end of February. According to organizers, the winter festival now draws several million tourists each year, from China and from abroad.


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A strong storm hit the West Coast this week, causing overflow of rivers and flooded freeways. Northern and southern California dealt with power outages, wind damage and landslides. A resident of Guerneville, Calif., who parked his car overnight in the Safeway parking lot in Healdsburg, finds it nearly completely submerged as Foss Creek topped it's banks, Dec. 11. Commuter ML Mann struggles in the wind and rain to make her way to catch a ferry to San Francisco from Sausalito, Calif.


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Photographer and filmmaker, Phil Jackson is also an avid skateboarder, who spends a lot of time in skate parks. His series, “Temporary Autonomous Aggro Zone,” photos of an abandoned building he and his friends are rebuilding into a skate park in Newark, New Jersey, is currently on view through July 27th at Marginal Utility Gallery in Philadelphia. Jackson received his BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and since then has participated in multiple group exhibitions both domestically and internationally. His annual zine, “Borderline Retarded,” was featured on our Tumblr, PDN’s Promos We Kept.


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Steven Hirsch is a New York native. He has lived in the city his entire life, but until 2010 had never ventured to Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal and decided to take a day trip. On that day, Mr. Hirsch saw something ethereal appear on the water– a bubbling eruption of oil– and captured the photos that inspired his 2014 series “Gowanus: Off The Water’s Surface.” The solo exhibition, on view now at Lilac Gallery New York through Dec. 1, features more than 25 abstract, painterly photographs of the highly-polluted Gowanus Canal. Mr. Hirsch’s images simulate an Impressionistic painting’s quality, in both “hue and texture,” the gallery said in a news release, adding ”in his exploration of the industrial wasteland, [he] finds a saturated palette of golds, deep purples, gleaming silvers, ebony blacks, phalto blues, and intense pinks.”


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