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In the years 1967-1968 the student protests escalated not only in France but also in Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, West Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Japan, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States, and Australia. The events known as the "May 1968", began in the student protests that the immediate cause was the removal of the protesters by the police department occupied the Sorbonne in Paris. These protests led to several weeks of a general strike that paralyzed the country. The protests were initially directed against przestarzalemu and skostnialemu education system. Later, students in collaboration with workers, focused on governing the state. (As a result, in a speech on May 30, President Charles de Gaulle announced the dissolution of the National Assembly and new elections on June 23. Has urged workers to return to work and threatened the introduction of a state of emergency.) Events in May 1968 resulting in the reforms had far-reaching effects of cultural, political and economic life of France. A lot of popularity among the workers lost the Communists of the PCF, has gained in importance and the radical left - the Revolutionary Communist League (Ligue Communiste revolutionnaire).


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Scrapping and thus gaining valuable items, are an important part of the economy of many developing countries of South Asia. At the forefront of the industry are, among others. Bangladesh and India. It's mostly there, often in makeshift shipyards, ships are drawn on the first few kilometers inland at high tide, then is cut, cut, and obtained components are transported to the mills. In shipbuilding, heavy working conditions for about $ 5 a day. Often, fatal accidents, including an explosion. This is due to the fact that nowadays is often disposed of hazardous waste problems, which are remnants of prohibited materials today, but a few decades ago, in normal use (asbestos, harmful paint) and the remnants of fuel or cargo.


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In late October of 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama confirmed that all U.S. forces will leave Iraq by the end of the year. Already in early November convoys of American military equipment headed to Kuwait. Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said that the Americans had already left the 485 military bases, and transfer to Iraqi authorities left them still only 20 bases. In Iraq, there is still about 40 thousand. American soldiers. Since the invasion of 2003 killed them there more than 4.4 thousand. To this statement I chose a few dozen photographs from the years 2003-2011, illustrating the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq. Deliberately omitted from these photographs, which are regarded as the flagship (mistreatment of prisoners, detention of Saddam Hussein, etc..), Focusing on lesser-known photographs, but this does not diminish their value. I do not exclude that in the future I will return to this theme yet to 990px.


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Once again, on the occasion of Sanfermines, photo agencies provide images of bulls fighting in the arenas. At 990px ??is probably already the third set of photographs from Spain and perhaps the last. Catalan parliament voted for the prohibition of fighting bulls in the entire region, starting from 2012. Korrida is part of the Catalan tradition of many centuries. The first messages on it already comes from the fourteenth century. The dispute over the korride lasts for decades. Its opponents argue that it amounts to torture an animal that bleeds to the delight of the crowd. While proponents point out that the corrida is a unique art of combining into a coherent whole choreography, costume and music. Matador is like a sculptor at the same time that Brandt did not clay, but an animal.


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Munich in the German hop harvest began well known throughout the world as Oktoberfest. Exactly at noon the mayor Christian Ude, formally opened the first barrel of beer, and the first pint, according to tradition was prime minister of Bavaria Horst Seehofer. Although the measure of the Oktoberfest beer costs more than 9 euros, from early morning to Munich Theresienwiese meadows pulled crowds of people in traditional Bavarian costumes. Oktoberfest will take 17 days. Waitresses riding on the cart greet the participants have fun. The girl dressed in a dirndl is resting on the meadow near the Theresienwiese. Participants of the Oktoberfest on the background of the carousel.


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Petra Kvitova has achieved success in life and in the finals of Wimbledon Maria Sharapova defeated. And in Belgrade, close to 100 thousand. supporters greeted the returning victorious Novak Djokovic in the tournament. This year, Djokovic has already triumphed in eight tournaments, including two Grand Slam (Australian Open, Wimbledon), won 48 matches and lost only one. Well during this edition of the tournament on grass courts to Luke wrote Kubot, who died in the fight until the quarterfinal. The tournament at Wimbledon is an event which is played since 1877. Lukasz Kubot enjoys the victory over Arnaud Clement. Serena Williams bounces the ball in the match with Simon Halep. Pippa Middleton in the audience during a match between Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.


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The team driving the Audi R18 TDI car model composed of Frenchman Benoit Treluyer, Germany, and Switzerland's Andre Lotterer won the 79th Marcel Fassler edit 24-hour race at the French circuit of Le Mans. The winning team defeated by the daily 355 laps of the track, each with a length of 13.629 km. In total, over 4800 km with an average speed of 200.6 kilometers per hour. The first race was held 24 hours of Le Mans on 26 May 1923. Since that time, was played annually, except for the years 1936 and 1940-1948. In the early years of the players competed individually, with time have been introduced legislation to double, then triple teams. In the history of racing there have many fatal accidents. One of them was a 1955 incident in which a car drove into a crowd of spectators, killing over 80 people. This resulted in the withdrawal of Mercedes from all races until 1988, and the appeal of races in Germany. France, Le Mans, June 16, 1985: Porsche 956B New Man Joest Racing for the wheel sat Paolo Barilla, Klaus Ludwig and John Winter. 14th France, Le Mans, 17 June 2007: Rinaldo Capello (Audi) before the car driven by Frank Biela. France, Le Mans, June 12, 2011: Andre Lotterer leading Audi R18 at Le Mans.


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In Poland (as well as in other Slavic countries as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine) Children's Day is celebrated on 1 June 1952. Its initiator is an organization called the International Union for Protection of Childhood, whose aim was to ensure the safety of children from around the world Many of the presented images has a background that can not be described in a few words. Therefore, if you do not know the conditions under which coal is mined in the Jaintia Hills, or what is the Lord's Resistance Army, then spare a moment to find this information.


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