Winter Sports Beat Winter Blues as presented by: Boston Big Picture

In the Northern Hemisphere the short, dark days of January can put people in a funk. Unless they embrace the weather. Playing in the snow may be the best cure for the winter blues. Collected here are pictures from the last month showing everyone from Olympic and professional athletes performing at the highest levels of their sports to ordinary people enjoying an old-fashioned snowball fight in the street. Who needs spring? A skier is pulled by a horse during a traditional highlander's competition in Male Ciche, Poland January 30, 2011. Zoe Hart falls during the ice climbing competition during the 2011 Ouray Ice Festival January 8, 2011, in the Ouray, Colo., Ice Park. The daunting nature of the sport, pulling yourself up a slick, frozen surface that can break loose at any time, meant that until recently, the handful of waterfalls in the Pikes Peak region that could be climbed in winter mostly weren't. Matt Bornitz stands his Ski-Doo on end as he tops out in a vast, undulating field of powder near Togwotee Pass January 7, 2011 in Jackson, Wyo. Togwotee Pass, in the center of the Continental Divide Trail, is famous for its high-altitude powder and dramatic scenery.


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