Russian Large Landing Craft as presented by: English Russia

Large Project 775 landing craft (otherwise known as “Ropucha I”) is a series of Soviet ships designed for landing of troops and loads on the shore. They are the base of the Russian Landing Fleet. Let’s explore their history and go aboard one of them. The Russian Navy had some requirements concerning this type of ships: a large landing craft had to be capable of carrying a battalion, a medium landing craft – a company, and a small landing craft – a platoon. Ironically, all of the already existed medium landing craft didn’t meet these requirements and in 1968 it was decided to design new medium landing craft called Project 775. The new project was designed in Poland thus its main constructor was a Pole. In a process of designing ships were reclassified from medium to large landing craft. The forerunner of the future ships was built in 1974. The first series consisted of 12 ships was finished in 1978 and called “Rapoucha I” in the West. The second series consisted of 16 ships was finished in 1992. They were called “Rapoucha II”. These ships must have been substituted by new Project 778 ships but after the breakup of the USSR, in 1992, both unfinished ships were destroyed. Large Project 775 landing ships were designed exclusively for the Navy of the USSR. None of them was a part of the Navy of any member states of the Warsaw Treaty Organisation. The only exception is the large landing craft given to Yemen in 1979. Besides the transportation of troops and loads Project 775 landing ships can also be used for installation of mine barriers, delivering humanitarian supplies and people’s evacuation from dangerous areas. It is capable of carrying 650 tons and covering the 4700-mile distance in any non-freezing seas and oceans.


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