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The shipwrecked Costa Concordia cruise liner completed its final journey Sunday, reaching Genoa where it will be scrapped, according to the Associated Press. Pulled by tugboats and nudged by winds, the ship eased into the port in this northwestern Italian city. In January 2012, The Concordia struck a reef when its captain sailed too close to Giglio Island off Tuscany’s coast and capsized, killing 32 people. Last year, salvage workers were able to pull the Costa Concordia cruise ship upright, one of the biggest and costliest operations of its kind. On Wednesday, tugboats pulling the wreck began the five-day journey to Genoa, headquarters of ship owner Costa Crociere Spa and the port where the luxury vessel first set sail in 2005.


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Steven Hirsch is a New York native. He has lived in the city his entire life, but until 2010 had never ventured to Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal and decided to take a day trip. On that day, Mr. Hirsch saw something ethereal appear on the water– a bubbling eruption of oil– and captured the photos that inspired his 2014 series “Gowanus: Off The Water’s Surface.” The solo exhibition, on view now at Lilac Gallery New York through Dec. 1, features more than 25 abstract, painterly photographs of the highly-polluted Gowanus Canal. Mr. Hirsch’s images simulate an Impressionistic painting’s quality, in both “hue and texture,” the gallery said in a news release, adding ”in his exploration of the industrial wasteland, [he] finds a saturated palette of golds, deep purples, gleaming silvers, ebony blacks, phalto blues, and intense pinks.”


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Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have captured stunning views of Earth from space. That is, when they’re not busy making repairs to the station, researching 3-D printing in space, or playing soccer. They take many of those photos when the Earth is draped in the darkness of night. Those nighttime photos often reveal the vast differences in shapes, sizes, and brightness of urban areas on the planet. Can you guess which of the American cities pictured at night is which? Note: all images have been oriented with north to the top.


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Actor Jeff Bridges, also an amateur photographer and author, took the camera into his own hands after his Wall Street Journal photo shoot this week. In town before the premiere of his new movie, “The Giver,” based on the dystopian young adult novel about a community run by elders who have banned pain, emotion and personal choice, Mr. Bridges hooted and hollered as photographer Axel Dupeux took his portrait, then he directed a few shots himself. On set, Mr. Bridges takes his own photographs of his movies’ scenes to relax.


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As the search for missing persons in the aftermath of a massive mudslide in Washington enters its second week, some searchers will be taking a much-needed break. Rescue dogs, who have been essential in the search for victims of the mudslide that hit Oso, Wash., on March 22, will be getting some rest after working long hours in the cold and rain, rescue crews said Sunday. The dogs can lose their sensing ability if overworked, officials said, according to the Associated Press. “The conditions on the slide field are difficult, so this is just a time to take care of the dogs,” said Kris Rietmann, a spokeswoman for the team working on the eastern portion of the slide. Dogs from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that arrived more recently will continue working, said Heidi Amrine, another spokeswoman for the operation. Late Saturday, authorities revised the number of people believed to be missing from 90 to 30, while the official death toll edged up to 21. Below, a look at some of the search and rescue dogs at the site.


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Host Neil Patrick Harris and cast members from “Chicago,” “Pippin,” and other Broadway productions rehearsed Thursday at Radio City Music Hall in New York, N.Y., for the 67th Annual Tony Awards, airing live Sunday night. Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner, executive producers of the Tonys, describe the event as an “adrenaline profession” that involves choreographing hundreds of performers in just five weeks between the nominations and the ceremony. The opening number this year will include performers from many of the shows — each show gets “four counts of eight” music bars, said Diane Paulus, director of “Pippin.” Four-time host, Neil Patrick Harris, said this year’s opening performance will be a celebration of Broadway. Photographer Bryan Derballa, on assignment for The Wall Street Journal, visited Thursday’s rehearsal to capture these behind the scenes images.


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Since winning the Miss World pageant in 2000, Priyanka Chopra has become a Bollywood superstar, penned her own column in the Hindustan Times, hosted a reality TV series and, most recently, recorded an album. Now, the 30-year-old style icon has set her sights on America. Her single “Exotic,” produced with rapper Pitbull (who appears on the track), will debut July 1 along with a video, recently shot in South Beach, Fla. It will be her first widely-released single in the U.S., with a second coming later this summer. Ms. Chopra said she shot “Exotic” in South Beach to infuse it with some heat. “The song is called ‘Exotic’ so I wanted to keep it just that,” she said. “It’s very dance-heavy, and in India, that’s what we do in all of our movies, so it definitely has an Indian flavor to it.” This scene, which includes Ms. Chopra, second right, and Pitbull, far right, was shot in a private residence in Coconut Grove, Florida, a neighborhood just south of downtown Miami. Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, center, gets her make-up done by Robert Greene, far left, on the set of her upcoming video. Ms. Chopra’s wardrobe, hair and make-up staff help get her ready for the shoot.


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In his ‘Vertical Horizon’ project, 26-year-old French graphic artist and photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze captures Hong Kong’s soaring heights. The project, now a book, comprises 80 photos taken in 2012. A dozen of Mr. Jacquet-Lagrèze’s photos are currently on display in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui district as part of Le French May cultural festival. Hong Kong is famed for its skyline, but graphic artist and photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze takes viewers on a different visual journey: looking up.


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